Does Sugar Cause Weight Loss?

If you are looking to lose weight, one of the first things you need to be concerned with is the question of how does sugar affect your carbs. This comes hand in hand with other types of carbohydrates and can make a big difference when it comes to being able to get rid of the extra fat that's been building up on your body for years. In fact, this is the number one reason many people gain weight in the first place. When you eat food with carbs, your body immediately goes into carb counting mode, believing you have more than you actually do, so you end up storing more of the extras as fat. The key to keeping your weight down is cutting out this cycle and only eating carbs for energy.

So, how does sugar affect your carb counting? In simple terms, your body will believe you have more sugar than you really do when you consume food with sugar alcohol in it. This effect is partially offset by the fact that alcohol itself doesn't give your body a lot of carbs to burn off. This means that the extra sugar you consume will likely be stored as body fat instead of converted into energy. It is important to understand that alcohol does not have the same conversion rate as most carbs. That's why you can get the same amount of energy from soda as you can from beer.

Sugar alcohol can make it difficult to keep off of the diet. You can use it to sweeten just about any food you would traditionally make yourself. If you are trying to cut down on sugar, it is a good idea to try out one small bottle at a time to see how your body reacts to it. Use common sense and don't overdo it - after all, you are working to reduce carbs in your diet to lose weight, not create a dependence on sugary sweeteners. For details, see more here

There are different methods for carb counting. Most people just count the amount of carbohydrates they have in the daily meal plan. For those that want to go the extra mile, carb counting books and systems are available online and in many health food stores. Just remember that you may not be able to get rid of every ounce of sugar you ingest each day.

If you are going to drink alcohol, do so in moderation. It might be fun to splurge and order a six or seven-course meal for dinner. However, if you drink half a bottle of wine or more and you eat the same amount of calories in the meal as you did with the single serving of alcohol, then it probably isn't a good idea to drink alcohol. Of course, if you're just trying to lose weight, you don't want to cut out carbs too much either. Excess sugar consumption can negate any benefits you might otherwise have had by eating a healthy, low-calorie diet.

The bottom line is, if you feel that you need to count the carbs in your diet, then there's no real rush. It is perfectly acceptable to consume a small amount of carbs in moderation. But, you don't want to skimp on quality carbs either. For ideal weight loss results, eat a wide variety of healthy carbs and fats while keeping your intake of simple carbs low. This will help you keep your weight off and prevent future health problems. Click here to read more

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